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2010-2011 Gainesville State College Catalog 
2010-2011 Gainesville State College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

CHEM 1211 - Principles of Chemistry I

The first course in a two-semester sequence covering the fundamental principles and applications of modern chemistry for science majors. Topics to be covered include the composition of matter, stoichoimetry, periodic relations, nomemclature, states of matter, acid-base concepts, kinetics, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, and equilibrium.

Prerequisite: READ 0099 and MATH 1111 or equivalent. Corequisite: CHEM 1211L. Students who have not had high school chemistry are encouraged to take CHEM 1151 before CHEM 1211.


Location Offered: Gainesville and Oconee

All lecture and lab courses have separate numbers and grades; therefore, if the lab is required with the lecture, they must be taken concurrently. The only exception is if one component (lecture or lab) is passed and the other failed, only the failed portion need be repeated. Lecture and lab must be taken on the same campus when taken concurrently.