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2010-2011 Gainesville State College Catalog 
2010-2011 Gainesville State College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ESLR 0085 - Reading and Rhetoric III

This is an advanced course in English for speakers of other languages designed to improve their academic reading and writing abilities. Classroom situations also allow students to practice their skills in spoken American English. A Learning Support exit course, ESLR 0085 is the equivalent to READ 0099.

Prerequisites: ESL placement or permission of instructor. Corequisite: ESLV 0051 and/or ESLV 0052, unless the academic vocabulary components have already been satisfied. The following classes are corequisites, which may be taken while enrolled in ESLR 0085: ENGL 1101, ECON 1100, ECON 1502, HIST 1112, GSCI 1101/1101L, MATH 1001, MATH 1111, PARA 1100, AND POLS 1101.


Location Offered: Gainesville

Course awarded institutional credit only, and credit is awarded the semester in which the student attains the required proficiency. A grade of C or higher and a passing COMPASS score is required.