Jul 14, 2024  
Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Graduate Catalog 
Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

COMP 6300 - Data Management and Information Technology

In this course, the student will gain familiarity with network instruments and measurements used for managing compliance programs within the framework of information technology. The student will be introduced to data management as it pertains to compliance and the instruments used to measure and store the related data. The course also includes a dive into information security, focusing on the data protection controls for a variety of sets of protected data (e.g., HIPAA, financial data), as well as the ethical and legal considerations of data management. Governance will also be discussed at the federal, state and company levels. As the course progresses, the student will use an example system to experience the practical application of each course module. The course concludes with a discussion of current events and emerging issues related to data management and information technology compliance.

Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in a graduate program (degree or certificate)