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Environmental Studies Certificate

Environmental study has been a growing field for several decades, particularly since the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 1970’s. With the increasing need for continued examination of environmental practice, it is necessary to understand the interplay between the environment and the human dimension. The Certificate provides an interdisciplinary understanding of the environment as it examines the human-environment relationship from the historical, philosophical, political, and soci-psychological perspectives.

Taken in conjunction with a major area of study, students who complete the Certificate will have a broad understanding of environmental issues that prepares them for further advanced environmental study and/or provides them with a base of understanding to work in the area of environmental policy analysis and/or community development.

Note: All of the courses in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program are offered on the Gainesville Campus of UNG as a component of the Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis.  Courses in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program may be applied toward the Bachelor of Science degree offered by the Institute for Environmental Spatial Analysis.

Certificate Requirements

Residency requirement: a minimum of 10 credit hours must be earned at UNG.

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENST 2030 - Environmental Studies & Sustainability


Select 12 hours from the following:

ENST 3040 - Environmental Communication
ENST 3045 - Environment and Community Organization
ENST 3055 - Environment and Society
ENST 3060 - History and the Environment
ENST 3065 - Social Influence and the Environment
ENST 3070 - Health and the Environment
ENST 3157 - Native American History
ENST 3230 - Social Change
ENST 3410 - Environmental Sociology
ENST 3420 - Environmental Studies Symposium
ENST 4035 - Environmental Law, Policy, and Politics
ENST 4070 - Practicum in Environmental Studies
ENST 4220 - Environmental Ethics