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Geography (A.S.)

Geography pathway courses focus on the spatial analysis of the interrelationship between humans and their natural environments linking physical sciences and social sciences. Geographers use maps, scientific observations, data, and technology to explain the spatial arrangement of physical features and human activities on Earth’s surface. Physical geography, human geography, and Geographic Information Systems or Sciences (GIS) are the three primary areas in the discipline of geography. Physical geography studies physical features and patterns on Earth’s surface. Human geography explores human activities and social patterns. GIS integrates geographic concepts and data with computer programs and a variety of analytical tools.

This Associate of Science (A.S.) in Geography particularly prepares students with solid knowledge in the essentials of physical geography, weather and climate, fundamental skills in GIS or regional geography with a focus on the strategic region of East Asia. Electives can be chosen from other geography courses, geospatial science courses, environmental studies, geology, or other earth science courses.

This pathway is a curriculum designed to prepare students to transition into the Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Spatial Analysis at the University of North Georgia or another four-year institution. Students who complete the Associate of Science in Geography and wish to continue their undergraduate studies at UNG should make an appointment with their academic advisor to explore the Earth System Science or Environmental Studies concentration area and discuss which directed electives are most relevant to the field of geography.

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E) - 42 hours

Refer to Core Curriculum (Areas A-E) 

Area A1: No exceptions

Area A2: MATH 1113 or higher recommended

Area B: No exceptions

Area C: No exceptions

Area D: No exceptions

Area E: No exceptions

Area F: Pathway Courses Related to Geography - 18 hours

Required Courses - 9-12 hours

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed

Select at least 3 of the following courses:

GEOG 1101 - Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1102 - World Regional Geography
GEOG 1111K - Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 1112 - Introduction to Weather and Climate
GEOG 1112L - Introduction to Weather and Climate Lab
GEOG 1530K - Introduction to Oceanography
GEOG 2010 - Geography of East Asia
GISC 2011 - Geographic Information Science
GISC 2011L - Geographic Information Science Lab

Elective Courses

Select at least 6-9 hours to reach 18 hours total

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENST 2030 - Environmental Studies & Sustainability
GEOG 2901 - Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 2902 - Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 2903 - Special Topics in Geography
GEOL 1121K - Physical Geology
GEOL 1122K - Historical Geology
GISC 2021K - Geospatial Science and Technology I
GISC 2022K - Geospatial Science and Technology II
GISC 2337K - Mathematical Methods for Geospatial Science and Technology
MATH 1401 - Elementary Statistics
MATH 1450 - Calculus I
  • Or any other GEOG or GISC course from Required Courses list above not already taken
  • Note: Other electives may be selected with approval of Academic Advisor

    Other Requirements

    • US and Georgia History Requirements 
    • US and Georgia Constitution Requirements 
    • Regents’ Skills Program Requirements