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Space Studies Certificate

A certificate in Space Studies introduces students to the operational complexities of space ventures. Space activity is a multi-disciplinary industry and coursework in space studies allows students to correlate the space experience to several fields of study. Often political, legal, ethical, historical, scientific and technological aspects are considered when studying space ventures. The UNG minor (or certificate) in Space Studies examines many of these fundamental aspects of space ventures before focusing on satellite based remote sensing of the Earth and other planetary bodies, satellite communications and global navigation satellite systems. Students interested in astronomy or astrophysics can find these related space science courses offered through the UNG physics department.

Both students majoring in technical and scientific fields (engineering, science, and math) and nontechnical fields (humanities, business, social science) will find the certificate to be a unique and exciting opportunity offered by IESA at UNG.

Note: This certificate consists of both lower and upper level courses which may have prerequisites. Please see the course descriptions or an advisor.

Certificate Requirements

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
GISC 2021K - Geospatial Science and Technology I
GISC 3012K - Global Navigation Satellite Systems
GISC 4350K - Remote Sensing of the Environment
SCTS 2200 - Introduction to Space Studies