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Fall 2023 - Summer 2024 Graduate Catalog 
Fall 2023 - Summer 2024 Graduate Catalog

Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership & Practice

Location(s): Online

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60 hours

Admission and Graduation Requirements for the Ed.D.

Master’s degree from an accredited institution (as defined under Accredited Institutions in the Academic Information section of the Graduate Catalog). While there is no required minimum GPA, evaluators score GPAs on a numerical rubric. Applicants earn points for GPAs above 3.0. 

Required Supplemental Documents

  1. Contact information for three professional references from past or current employers, educators, or supervisors (in any capacity).
  2. Resume/vita highlighting the personal and professional achievements of the applicant, including experience working and/or teaching in higher education.
  3. A five to ten-page writing sample that demonstrates scholarly writing.
  4. Personal statement describing your doctoral education and research goals. This statement should identify your general area(s) of interest, outline potential research problems and specify your career objectives. Include in your research statement your purpose for pursuing a doctoral degree. Your statement should be well organized and concise, and be no longer than five pages in length. In your statement, please address the following proposed questions:
    1. Why is pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education important to you? Share personal and professional goals you hope to achieve through participation in UNG’s Higher Education doctoral program.
    2. Earning a degree online requires self-discipline and motivation. Give an example from your life that illustrates your commitment to continued intellectual and professional development.
    3. Share an experience you possess conducting research and your potential to contribute to the field of Higher Education.
    4. Discuss a tentative higher education topic you would like to research in this doctoral program. Keep in mind that you are not committed to studying this topic exactly, but demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have a clear direction in mind.
    5. Participation in a doctoral program is a significant commitment in time and cognitive energy. Address how will you prepare for and address the challenges to obtain a School-Work-Life balance.

Requirements for admission can also be found here.

Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet the regular admission criteria may be granted provisional admission if they achieve the minimum GPA scores required for provisional status provided there is space available in a particular cohort and pending a successful admission appeal. See Appeal of Graduate Admission for details.

Provisional degree-seeking students:

  • may register for a maximum of six semester hours of graduate credit.
  • will be reviewed to determine eligibility for regular admission following the completion of six hours.
  • are not eligible for federal financial aid while enrolled in courses as a provisional student.
  • will not be allowed to continue in the program if a grade of C or lower is earned in any graduate course.
  • may apply for readmission after three semesters from the date removed from the program because of a deficient grade by submitting a new application to Graduate Admissions with a letter addressed to the program coordinator requesting readmission.

Transfer Credit Requirements

Requests for transfer course credit for courses completed at an accredited institution (as defined under Accredited Institutions in the Academic Information section of the Graduate Catalog) within six years will be reviewed by the Higher Education Leadership & Practice admissions committee upon the request of the student. Requests will only be considered if courses were NOT applied towards the completion of a degree earned. Requests must include the syllabus for the semester in which the proposed transfer course credit was completed. Requests may only include courses from programs at the Ed.S., Ed.D., or Ph.D. levels. Transfer credit awarded will be up to 15 credit hours.

Notice Regarding Online Offerings

In compliance with state authorization for the delivery of distance education, UNG online courses, degrees, and certificate programs are not available in some states. If you are not a Georgia resident, email to check program availability in your state. This email address is exclusively for questions regarding state authorization of online offerings. Other inquiries should be directed to the academic department offering the online program or to Graduate Admissions.

International applicants who must be issued an F-1 visa by UNG to enter the United States to attend school may not apply for completely online programs or part-time programs (less than nine hours fall and spring semesters).

Completion of Prospectus

Students must complete and defend the prospectus no later than the end of the summer semester of the third year. If it is not defended by that time, a grade of U will automatically be assigned for each subsequent EDD 8000 course in which the prospectus is not completed.

Academic Standing, Probation, Dismissal, and Reinstatement

UNG students in the Ed.D. must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program. Failure to meet that requirement results in probation status. A probation student has one term to meet the minimum requirement. 

Ed.D. students whose academic performance is unsatisfactory will be subject to the following:

  1. Probation – The student will be placed on probation for any of the following reasons:
    1. The student’s cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0.
    2. The student earns a grade of C or lower.
    3. The student earns one U in dissertation hours (EDD 8000)

No student may be a candidate for the degree while on probation, for a period of three semesters, due to a grade point average below 3.0. Probation will be removed when the student’s grade point average reaches 3.0 or higher. Grades of D, F, or U must be repeated to receive degree credit.

  1. Suspension – The student will be placed on suspension for any of the following reasons:
    1. The student earns two grades of a C or lower.
    2. The student earns two grades of U in dissertation hours.
    3. The student has already served three consecutive semesters on academic probation.

No student may enroll in graduate courses at UNG while on suspension. Courses taken at another institution during the period of suspension will not be recognized for transfer credit. After serving a suspension period of three semesters, a student seeking to reapply must submit a new application to Graduate Admissions and a letter written to the HELP Admissions Committee presenting a rationale for readmission. The student will be readmitted only upon approval of the Dean and the HELP Admissions Committee. If readmitted, the student will have the same grade requirements for progress. A second suspension will result in dismissal/non-reentry to the HELP program.

Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership & Practice

Diversity Certificate Option

If the student would like to earn the Diversity Certificate along with their Ed.D., the following requirements must be completed:

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