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2010-2011 Gainesville State College Catalog 
2010-2011 Gainesville State College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis (AESA) Environmental Studies Track (B.S.)

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The B.S. in Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis, Environmental Studies Track is a 120 semester hour program with particular applications relevant to the social sciences. A grade of C or better is required for all major courses (GISC and ENST) with an overall GPA of 2.0. Thirty semester hours are required in residence to include all GISC courses. For students with previous GIS coursework, credit for GISC courses is determined by placement testing.

 Entrance Requirements

  1. Complete all GSC general institutional admissions requirements.
  2. Declare a major in Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis.

Semester Core Curriculum (Areas A-C & E)


Refer to Core Curriculum

  Area A – must take MATH 1111 or higher.
  Area B – PHIL 1502 strongly recommended.
  Area D – Choose one of the following paired courses:
                     BIOL 1102/1102L & ESCI 1101/1101L
                     CHEM 1151/1151L & CHEM 1152/1152L
                   Choose one of the following courses:
                      GEOG 1111/1111L or GEOL 1250/1250L
  Area E – 
ECON 2106 strongly recommended.
  Area F – Complete the requirements for one of the following areas of concentration: Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Political
                   Science, Psychology, Sociology or General Studies.  
                   STAT 2400 must be taken as one of the course options in the chosen concentration.
                   POLS 2012 strongly recommended, if allowed, as one of the course options in the chosen concentration.
                   Non-specified courses in the chosen concentration must be approved by an Environmental Studies advisor.  


AESA Major Curriculum Continued

Program Completion Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all courses required in the degree program (minimum 120 semester credits), including the lower division associate degree requirements.
  2. Successful completion of a minimum of 42 general education credits according to the distribution established by the college (Areas A-E) for its Associate of Science degree program.
  3. Successful completion of at least 39 credits of upper division coursework in the major (3000 and 4000 level courses ).
  4. Grades of C or higher required for all major courses.
  5. Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) required for graduation.
  6. Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at GSC which must include all GISC courses.
  7. For students with previous GIS course work, credit for GISC courses will be determined by placement testing.
  8. Meet all other college graduation policies.

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