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2012-2013 Gainesville State College Catalog 
2012-2013 Gainesville State College Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Semester Core Curriculum Areas A-E

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Core courses listed may have prerequisites or enrollment restrictions. Students should check the course descriptions for information on prerequisite and enrollment requirements before registering for any course.

Select one from the following courses:

Math and science majors are required to apply MATH 1113 or a higher level course in Area A. Majors included are Math, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Engineering majors are required to apply MATH 1450.

Area B Institutional Options (4 - 6 hours)

Area C Humanities/Fine Arts (6 hours)

Area D Science, Mathematics, and Technology (10 - 12 hours)

Review Area F requirements for the specific major before choosing Area D courses.

Area D courses are broken down into two categories - one for science majors and one for non-science majors. This breakdown does not preclude a non-science major from selecting a sequence from the science majors list.

Additional Note Regarding Science CPC Deficiency
: Students with a science CPC deficiency are required to complete one of the following courses along with its corresponding laboratory course:  BIOL 1101, BIOL 1102, CHEM 1151, ESCI 1101, GEOG 1111, GEOL 1250, or GSCI 1101 with a grade of C or higher before completing any other science course. Credit earned to fulfill a CPC deficiency cannot be used to fulfill Core Curriculum or degree requirements.

Select one of the following science sequences (two science lectures + two corresponding labs).  Both lecture (3 hours) and lab (1 hour) must be taken for a total of 4 credit hours.  Lab course numbers are denoted by an “L” suffix (i.e., BIOL 1101L).


Science Majors

Majors included are Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Geology, Mathematics, Physical Geography, and Physics

Non-Science Majors

Select one of the following science sequences or combinations (both lecture and lab must be taken):


If the total hours in Area D exceed eleven, the excess may be counted in Area F, if applicable.

Area E Social Sciences (12 hours)

Physical Education Requirement:

 Two Courses Including PHED 1020 are Required.

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